Saturday, August 24, 2013

Summer crochet and a quick quilt project.

Well everyone, I have been missing in action the last few months.   I wanted to write a quick update on my life and leave you a few pictures.   I have changed jobs.   That is a big part of my absence.   Also, it has been summer so I have been completing more portable projects in crochet and very little in the quilting and sewing aspect of my life.  Warning.  I will be adding adding some crochet chat to this blog so I hope that my readers will be multicrafters like me.  You can find me on ravelry as as amypink11 from nebraska.  For those of you that use ravelry go ahead and add me as a friend their too so as we can see each others crochet and knit projects.  As promised. Here are some pictures.  

  Quilt commissioned for a 1 year olds birthday.
 Hat for sale.  On my eldest model. :-)
Poncho for my little girl.  She helped with design! 
Cute frog prince lovey completed as a gift 
Crochet clutch.  Super cute.  

Well, that's all for now.  Hope you all had a great summer like I did!  


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