Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hmmm... Where was I?

The last entry was a while ago.  Have I been not creating?  No.... Just not posting.  A little behind with the journal.  Here is a quick catch-up.  Look at all those cute little prairie points. They are just adorable.

I am working now on a few quilting options. Not sure yet what I will choose... but it will have some of the elements I practiced on the pink!

This Xs and Os Quilt was made for my little sister. A couple of batik charm packs and some neutrals thrown in. Not bad for a couch throw.

I have also been doing some buying from various vendors.  Waiting now on some books from C and T, a package from amazon, and some notions/rulers from fabric depot. 
Since I have been making some purchases I also have been selling some unused items on ebay.  Extra embroidery thread, some quilting and painting books ect.

I am really wanting to enter something into the alliance for american quilts contest this year.  Deadline is June 1.  I hope that I will be able to get someing together.  To much thinking and not enough doing on that project. 

I also need to finish that batick tonga rhapasady quilt before the local county fair in July.  I am nervous to start quilting it for fear of "messing it up"  
I know right... Just get over it and on with it....  I am trying  ;-0

By for now...