Saturday, January 7, 2012

Blue Pineapple!

Here is a picture of my blue and white pineapple table runner.  It was created using some great batiks from Heart and Hand Dry Goods in Sioux City, IA.  This was my first attempt at paper piecing.  I paper pieced the pineapple and then used a new ruler from creative grids to make the flying geese on the edges.  I really like it and it can create circles too.  I then turned the geese sideways and together to form those diamonds on the sides.  I think this really adds to the overall look of the runner. 

See a bit about the quick trim ruler with this video link. It was posted from creative grids on YouTube.   

I wouldn't use the quick trim ruler for lots of circles. For lots of circles I like to use the Cut-A-Round ruler. To the left is a picture from Sara in Sioux Falls, SD with a demo on the Cut-A-Round.  I like it much more than the "circle cut" ruler.  It is harder to find but worth it.  I know you can order it from Sara at Heirloom Creations in Sioux Falls SD if you can't find it local.  The reason I like it so much is because it is designed to have the fabric folder in quarters. When cutting a circle the shape of this ruler makes it much easier to fit a rotary cutter into than the more common Circle Cut ruler. Give this one a try if you like making circle quilts.
It comes in a few sizes to create about any size circle you would need.


Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Free Motion Quilting Project: Let's Start a New Project!

Something's new from Leah Day this year and I can't wait. New videos and learning to quilt on a larger scale. All this from a very passionate and awesome quilter Leah Day! Yeah!
I will be following along as best as I can and posting what I accomplish.

I have been waiting for her to reveal the changes for 2012 and love the new concept!
Use the link below to check out the NEW FMQ Project!

The Free Motion Quilting Project: Let's Start a New Project!

Summer In The Park == on December 31st!

I have taken a lot of pictures today.  Doing some catch up on project photos.  I will be posting more soon.  Today I will be zeroing in on just one finished project.

We had family Christmas today.  I got to give my Mom a quilt that I finished a while ago.  Could not wait for her to open it.  She really wants a Dresden plate quilt.  Pretty sure I did not have the time needed to complete that.  So instead she got this quick strip pieced quilt using the "Summer in the Park" pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Loved the pattern.  It was quick to go together.  You can see a YouTube video tutorial HERE.   As you can tell, I love YouTube tutes and Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company has some of the best around!   I hope you enjoy seeing these pics of the finished quilt.

 Here is Mom with her quilt.
A picture of the borders/binding.   First time with mitered borders.  Yikes!

I made 3 pillows from the scraps.  I think they turned out pretty cute.
Even remembered to put on a label. 

 And here is one more picture just because.  This is my youngest child...   He will turn 1 today.  Yep, he is a New Years Baby!