Monday, July 2, 2012

Forgive me!

Here we go. Picture overload! Have I not been sewing... Of course not. But, I have not been doing any journaling. So here is an attempt to add a lot of pictures to the journal all at once. We will see how many projects I forget to add! :-)

baby boy quilt for Maggies little one yet to be born
close up quilting of all over meander in a bright red thread
This was one of my first quilts.  Super inspiring. It now hangs in my office at work.
Another view of the wallhanging. Did I tell you that I won 2 ribbons for this little quilt at the county fair!
Sewing machine cover.  Made it big so it fits even with the embroidery arm attached.
you cant tell here but this is a tiny block. It finishes at 7.5 inches and is traditionally pieced.  I usually never work this small.
fabric bowl. cute and functional.  gotta love it.
my new/old machine. picture taken by the seller  check him out for old pfaffs at
my pfaff once I got her home.  in love.  and I got this great cabinet for her at goodwill just $15
Very pretty right!  totally non functoning.  Missing about everything.  Oh well I have spent 20 bucks in many worse ways
my entry for the alliance of american quilts home quilts contest.  highly unlikely that I will win anything but very fun just the same.  It will travel to a few big quilt shows and then get auctioned this fall. 
a sunday night project.... my husband thought it up and together we got it designed. Stiched out and recoverd his center councel in the dodge.  I think it turned out great! 
a picture before it was reinstalled in the pickup.  Nebraska blackshirts!  Go Huskers!

Ok, so I know that I did not get everything added so here is a little more: 
1. 2 Skirts, one for each of my wonderful daughters
2. Curtians for our bathroom that I have since decided I do not love and will be replacing when the right fabric is found.
3. working on 2 different block of the month quilts.  one modern and one batiks
4. made some self mitering baby quilts from the missiouri star tutorial for a friend about to have twin girls!
5. recovered moms high chair that still had 1970 flowers.  Now has cute dinosoars from a vinyl coated cotton.
6. quilted an OLD 1930s!? hand pieced spiderweb quilt that was donated for a church project.  (I will try to find pictures from the auction site and add them later)
7. put a binding on a hand embroidered and hand quilted quilt from another friend at work.  She got this amazing quilt from her inlaws.  They bought it at an auction for 5 bucks and all it needed was a binding.  I machine stitched a bias binding to the front (because is has rounded corners; usually not a fan of bias binding on quilts) and then returned it to her so she can hand stitch it to the back.

I doubt that is all, but it is all i can remember right now.  Anyways, Happy Stitching!

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