Sunday, January 1, 2012

Summer In The Park == on December 31st!

I have taken a lot of pictures today.  Doing some catch up on project photos.  I will be posting more soon.  Today I will be zeroing in on just one finished project.

We had family Christmas today.  I got to give my Mom a quilt that I finished a while ago.  Could not wait for her to open it.  She really wants a Dresden plate quilt.  Pretty sure I did not have the time needed to complete that.  So instead she got this quick strip pieced quilt using the "Summer in the Park" pattern from Missouri Star Quilt Co.  Loved the pattern.  It was quick to go together.  You can see a YouTube video tutorial HERE.   As you can tell, I love YouTube tutes and Jenny from the Missouri Star Quilt Company has some of the best around!   I hope you enjoy seeing these pics of the finished quilt.

 Here is Mom with her quilt.
A picture of the borders/binding.   First time with mitered borders.  Yikes!

I made 3 pillows from the scraps.  I think they turned out pretty cute.
Even remembered to put on a label. 

 And here is one more picture just because.  This is my youngest child...   He will turn 1 today.  Yep, he is a New Years Baby!



  1. So how many jelly rolls did you end up using? How big is the finished quilt? I was thinking of doing this pattern for our queen sized bed......

  2. This is just 2 jelly rolls. Then I added a 2 inch border in cream and a 4 inch green border. The first Picture shows the quilt on a queen bed. You could increase the size of the borders if you like a little more drape.

  3. Thanks for posting pictures. I love Missouri Quilt Company tutorials, but I really need more info for yardage because I'm a novice. I have a batik jelly roll and a white jelly roll. Your quilt is beautiful. Great colors.

    1. Hello adiene! Thanks for visiting my blog. 2 jelly rolls is all I used for this quilt plus the border fabric. I hope you enjoy your quilting and the summerin the park pattern is a great pattern for beginners.